Earth Day 2020

Le 22/04/2020 à 08:00 - Chaque jour jusqu'au : 26/04/2020


Geodiversity is the diversity of the abiotic world while Biodiversity is the diversity of biotic word. The word "geodiversity" is a neologism made up of the prefix "geo" (which means "earth") and the word "diversity". The concept integrates geological (rocks, minerals, fossils), geomorphological (landforms) and pedological (soils) diversity, as well as all of the dynamic processes that generate them. There is an obvious parallel between biotic diversity (biodiversity) and abiotic diversity (geodiversity), the second being the essential support of the first. Together, biodiversity and geodiversity designate the diversity of Nature as a whole. Like biological diversity, geodiversity is an important element of the Earth's natural heritage, whose intrinsic, cultural, aesthetic, functional, educational and / or scientific values ​​must be preserved and transmitted to future generations. However, human beings have altered the balance of nature which could threaten our world with extinction. Every living thing is unique and have a part to play in planet’s life ecosystem. This is how it is essential that actions are taken to save our planet and save us ourselves. It is in this context that the BEGE-RDC (Bureau d’Etude Géologique et Environnementale en RDC) will organize an online awareness campaign called #GEODIVERSITY AND BIODIVERSITY MEDIA LITERACY CAMPAIGN IN DR CONGO. This campaign aims to raise awareness among the Congolese population on the importance of biodiversity and geodiversity that the DRC abounds. Through social media, blog and infographics we will share information on the geological and biological diversity in the DRC. This campaign will be carried out as part of the celebration of Earth Day 2020 and will run from April 22 to April 26, 2020. Stay with us using # EarthDay2020 #bege_rdc #BiodiversityAndGeodiversityInDrc

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